From Thierry Henry to the Highbury Squirrel, how well do you know the Gunners? Take the ultimate Arsenal quiz, Gooners!

How many more games have Arsenal won than Tottenham since the beginning of the Premier League?

Name the player under the Gliff logo!

How many goals did Thierry Henry score for Arsenal in European competitions?

When Wenger signed Mesut Özil for £42m in the summer of 2013 Arsenal broke their previous transfer record of what fee? *Excluding add-ons*

Which of these Arsenal title winning sides had the strongest goal difference?

Which of these records do Arsenal NOT currently hold?

Name the player under the Gliff logo!

In the 1990-91 season Arsenal lost just one game on route to winning the title. Who did they lose to?

Name the player under the Gliff logo!

Fill in the commentary gaps 

"It’s up for grabs now. Thomas! Right at the end! An unbelievable ______ to the league season...The Liverpool players are down, absolutely _______. Aldridge is down, Barnes is down. _______ just stands there"

Who was the first Frenchman to sign for Arsenal alongside Patrick Vieira?

In which match did the Highbury Squirrel make an appearance?

Which of these much maligned ex-players actually scored a goal for Arsenal?

Of the current Arsenal squad, who is the longest serving player? Excluding youth career

What did Arsenal win in this kit?

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