From Peter Withe and Gordon Cowans, to Christian Benteke and Matthew Lowton, how well do you know Premier League ever-presents Aston Villa?

The most frequent top-flight fixture in Football League history is between Aston Villa and which other club?

Name the Villa player hidden by the Gliff logo!

Which player received a red card on his Aston Villa debut?

Who was Aston Villa's top goalscorer in 2003-4 with 16 goals?

Name the Villa legend under the Gliff logo!

In 110 appearances at Villa, Emile Heskey scored how many goals in all competitions?

Fill in the commentary gaps from the 1982 European Cup final...
"Here's a good ball played in for ________ oh it must be! And it is! _______! Villa in the lead!" 

Name the player under the Gliff logo!

Who signed Stiliyan Petrov for Villa?

Which two Chelsea players were sent off in Villa's 1-0 win in March 2014?

Name the current player under the Gliff logo!

Darren Bent was bought from Sunderland for how much? *Excluding add ons*

Villa have won more league titles than which club?

Who is Villa's all time Premier League top goalscorer?

Having never been relegated, what is the lowest position Aston Villa have finished in the Premier League?

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