For the third year running Wenger is in the hunt for a class striker to finally complete his promising Arsenal side. The World Cup is a great shop window, but we already know the player he should be after. Here's why...

1. Potential

He's young for someone with so much experience already. Wenger has admired him for years and must feel he could reach his peak at Arsenal. A hit and miss season at a poor AC Milan side that chopped and changed managers but Arsenal could offer the stability that allows him to thrive back in the Premier League.

Brilliant at Euro 2012 at only 21, looks to be making a similar impact at this World Cup.

2. For want of a better word...swagger

All of Arsenal's best strikers have had an arrogant swagger about them...Henry, Anelka, van Persie. He offers a great alternative to the unselfish team player Giroud. Who, let's be honest, could be a little more ruthless in front of goal.

3. Unpredictability

When there's 10 men behind the ball and the neat passes are getting you no where, sometimes you just need someone to go and do this...

Despite his temper problems, he had a big role in City's first Premier League title not least the assist for Aguero's winning goal and the opener at Old Trafford.

4. Wenger loves a fixer-upper

It's undeniable he'd be a risk. There's a reason he doesn't stick around at clubs and his temperament is a concern. But surely 23 is too young to write him off? A lot of his supposed antics are conjured up (remember him supposedly driving around Manchester dressed as Santa handing out cash?) Plus the last player to arrive at Arsenal with a troubled start to his career was van Persie, with Wenger's guidance he did alright...

Mancini probably deserved it anyway.

5. Resale

Even if he doesn't stay for more than a couple of seasons, he'd still be a valuable asset to sell. Think Monaco or PSG once Zlatan's career ends. Wenger loves value like that. 

6. Big name for Puma

Not a priority for fans, but you'd have to think new big money sponsors Puma would love another Puma contracted player at Arsenal, and a big name too which is great for Brand Arsenal.

7. Availability

A World Cup year, only a few top class strikers are available and Chelsea have just snapped up Costa. But Balotelli is going for £25m. Which is small change these days. What are the alternatives? Trying to persuade PSG for Cavani is an impossible task. Going for less experienced players like Morata of Madrid is a little uninspiring for a manager who chose to reject re-signing Cesc Fabregas. Big name needed Arsene!

8. Dressing room

Finally, it would take more than one Balotelli strop to disrupt Arsenal's unified dressing room. By all accounts it's one of the happiest and closest groups in years after the exit of troublemakers like Gallas, Nasri and to some extent RVP. The cliques are long gone. Giroud himself is clamouring for another striker to compete with and they were perfectly happy to have Suarez last summer. Would Balo really be much trouble?

Customary Youtube scouting video...

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